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Hi, my name
is Bryson.

The most comprehensive IT solution for digitising the training system in the world of golf. For national governing bodies, universities and golf clubs.

Bryson golf scheme communication between clubs and the main application
Bryson application on three different devices, PC, laptop, mobile phone

Who Am I?

For National governing bodies and universities

For Golf Clubs

I am the tool you have been long waiting for. It only take days to go
digital with me.Each country I visit, I have the unique opportunity
to improve the lives of thousands of junior golfers, their parents
and coaches.

By digitising the agenda and data connection of every single
training centre with app as well as the regional and
national teams with Bryson app, I can help to discover and unlock
a player’s true potential.

I can be the innovative solid base and moving power in the digital
development of golf in your club or a whole country.

“Lets have
a look into
how I do


You can either digitise your training system at all levels with me (Bryson) and my fellow apps starting at the top all the way down to the club level. It only take days to go digital.


Or you can digitise the training system from the bottom by using my fellow app at the club level.


In terms of features, the Bryson and apps are simillar. Bryson is currently being used by the national governing bodiesof three different European countries and one University in the USA. The app is being used by more than fifty golf clubs.


The true magic happens when Bryson starts to communicate and gather the data from the local Golf Clubs with We are living in a digitised world and golf’s future is no different when it comes to electronically managing its data. To succeed and develop your game or the level of performance of the whole country, you should be taking advantage of this available digital technology.

Have a look what I can do!

Bryson diagram of digitization of the training system in golf clubs and national governing bodies

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And many others…


Over 100 clients from Golf Clubs, PGA Teaching PRO´s and colleges

6 000+

Over 6 000 players and 250 coaches using the app


5 different countries: USA, GB, Finland, Scotland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Ukraine

The main digital features that you have always dreamed of


Ready to connect with WAGR, the national handicapping and golf results systems

There are many more features available and you can review the details of each of them in the link below.


Our clients’ stories

Bryson is an easy to use and engaging platform that shares important information, explicitly and implicitly, between player and coach (also parents if applicable). Bryson has helped me level up my coaching by allowing me to truly provide and deliver a performance programme that incorporates and syncs up scheduling, personal development plans, training plans and on course performance data. The pursuit of excellence has never been more enjoyable and easier for me and the players I work with thanks to Bryson.

Mark Day, England Golf National Girls Lead Coach

Bryson has provided golfers like myself the opportunity to record and analyze detailed statistics very quickly and easily. The team at Bryson is continuously looking for ways to help golfers improve their games and reach their goals. This program has really helped me recognize which areas in my game are successful and which need practice.

Kaitlyn Papp, LPGA Tour player

”Bryson offers a simple and effective communication tool between coaches and players which can be used in a variety of ways to help improve performance. With players inputting statistics and subsequent training journals it makes it easy for the coach to understand where to target change and how the practice is impacting scoring on the course. Having this accessibility to all the players within the programme in one place allows me to effectively keep track of everyone rather than searching through different documents and emails. The communication with the players is simple and instant which is really powerful when we have some players in the US and spread over Europe. The feedback from the players so far has been the same and I’m looking forward to using it more in the future.“

Harry Scott, Coach at Czech Team, Czech Golf Federation

“As a Division 1 College coach in the USA, my main job is to strategically develop a training program for our players and help them steadily improve with all aspects of their games. We are very impressed with the how simple it is to navigate the Bryson platform and how fun it is to assign drills, fill out training logs, put in round statistics, and easily evaluate our player’s progress and improvement. We are happy to have the opportunity to test this platform and we believe that it will be very beneficial for our players, us coaches and other members of our organization team.“

Kateřina Bruner, Division 1 College coach, Texas A&M University

The Czech Golf Federation had been using the specific system for players’ evidence since 2015. It was great to collect important data from players like stats and coaches’ comments. But the system was old-fashioned, non-compatible with smartphones, and especially there was no connection with clubs and personal coaches.

BRYSON in combination with app are bringing the solution that Czech Golf Federation has been looking for for a longer time. We enjoy the new design, new user interface and many new features which we were inventing in cooperation for more than a year. Finally, the most powerful idea is to have the umbrella application (Bryson) that connects the Czech Golf Federation to each individual club ant its app. I am looking forward to start using BRYSON to its full potential in 2021. And of course, we have many more ideas on how to improve it in the future and use all the data collected to grow the performance level of the Czech golf players.

Petr Šavrda, Sports Manager, Czech Golf Federation

The Bryson system is a unique all-embracing resource for effective and purposeful monitoring and evaluation of the game of golf and aspects around it. It works with the tangible data and minimazes the room for uncertainity. It is truly user friendly and well organized which speeds up the input process. Because quality input is still a key for getting the best and relevant data out of it. For me working with Bryson means a step foward on a way to maximize the potential and push it even further. 

Sára Kousková, top ranked Czech amateur golfer and member of Women’s Golf Team at University of Texas

After a year we have used the application we can say that it has significantly helped us to improve the communication between the club, players and their parents. We also appreciate the advanced reporting of attendance that we are using when requesting the subsidy from the governing body and state institutions.

This year we would like to focus on implementing the training plans and advanced game statistics to the everyday routine of the advanced players. 

We also wellcome the connection between our app and Bryson app that is being used by the Czech Golf Federation. Sharing the data of our top players between the club and the staff of the national team increases the efficiency of the training process and players development.

Oldřich Nechanický, Master Pro & Manager Royal Golf Club Mariánské Lázně

As a junior golfer I was forced to keep a training journal in a paper form. In my opinion it did not offer many benefits as there was no evaluation of the data collected. app enables the exact opposite. The player and his coach both have an immediate feedback and can analyse the strength and weakness of each players based on the game statistics in connection with the data from the training journal. This without a doubt speeds up the development of the player and avoids many blind lanes.

Lukáš Tintěra, Secretary of PGA Czech Republic & PGA Professional at Golf Club Karlovy Vary

Bryson is an advanced and complex system to enhance effective development. Stats tracking, practice organization, practice journal recording, simple communication between players, coaches, and parents, and more are inputs well organized into one accessible, easy-to-use system to produce the best possible outcome. I am looking forward to getting the full benefit of the Bryson application for my game. 

Jana Melichová, Czech amateur golfer and member of Old Dominion University Golf Team

We have been using the app for nearly a year and I can´t really imagine a life without it at the moment. I consider it to be a revolutionary tool not only in communication between the club, parents and players, but also in the field of analysing game statistics and training data. Professional work with the data is a very important part of the process of the players development. Therefore we as a club and also the players and parents enjoy using app.

Josef Karas, Academy Manager, Prague City Golf Academy

The number of juniors in our academy is steadily increasing in the last years. application has been helping us to handle the whole process of organisation, communication and planning. We are now able to target the communication to the specific players and their parents. Players, parents, coaches and management can find all the information on one place that is accessible from everywhere. On top of that we would like to start using the features of that were developed for building specific communities within the golf club and also for automation of the process of new players acquisition.

Martin Richter, Manager of Sport, Golf Trnava system has made it easier for me to organize players, to ensure and simplify communication with players and parents about training sessions, tournamenst and club representation. At the moment, we are working hard on extending the training plans and further simplification of communication. I can warmly recommend it to all fellow coaches and clubs working with golf juniors. 

Tomáš Daul, Manager of Golf in Golf Dobrouč & member of PGA Czech



The Bryson app starts at

USD 1 200 / year

Price list

The app starts at

USD 690 / year

Price list

Our story

Tomáš Vrbický

Tomáš Vrbický

Jiří Novosad

Jiří Novosad


The two founders Tomas Vrbicky and Jiri Novosad met for the first time in 2017. By then, Tomas had started another successful project – GolferIS (which is an advanced CRM for Golf Clubs) and Jiri was one of his first clients, managing one of the top golf courses in the Czech Republic – Loreta Golf Club Pysely.


In 2020, Tomas’s knowledge in IT and passion for golf connected with Jiri´s clear vision for further development and global expansion for digitising golf. The passion and vision enabled the genesis of a whole new product that has no comparison in the world of golf.In one year, this dynamic duo managed to provide the app to more than 50 Golf Clubs in 4 different countries and to 3 national governing bodies.Tomas and Jiri both love the game of golf and they have seen this tool as a missing part in players’ development. Both believe that this is only a start and has become a part of their story.


The year 2021 was dedicated to the continuous improvement of the application and the creation of new features. In the development process, we focused on fulfilling the wishes and ideas of our existing and potential clients, with whom we were in daily contact.
We managed to digitize the area of player development in four other countries with our apps. Above all, we started discussions on cooperation with the top players in the golf industry. I am thinking in particular of the global professional golf tours, the leading national golf federations, but also of college golf teams and renowned golf academies.
We have also enriched our service offering by working with Jarmo Alapirtti. Jarmo is a recognized expert in golf performance data analysis and has worked with leading amateur players as well as a European Tour winner.
We are planning 2022 to be marked by the expansion of the Bryson app to the leading golf federations, but we are also about to introduce a new product called Bryson Scout. This extension of the current app will effectively connect aspiring players with college golf coaches. We would like to bring positive change and streamline the recruiting process for both college golf teams and the players. We have many more plans that give us confidence that you have something to look forward to!