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Interview: Filip Bubrle, CEO of the Golf Geum Technology

When I started to write this blog, I knew that the first article would be about us – Bryson and But I also already knew for a long time that the second one would be the introduction of Golf Geum Technology by interviewing its CEO, Filip Bubrle. It is a pleasure to write about another breakthrough golf product that was designed in the Czech Republic and, in my opinion, is destined to conquer the world of golf. Not only because of the product itself, but also thanks to the people who run the business.


Jiří Novosad
20. 1. 2021

Filip, the golf trolleys from your design and manufacturing studio are a real piece of art and a product of out-of-the-box thinking. Can you describe who came up with the idea to create this unique solution for a golf trolley?

Thank you for the words of appreciation. Many years ago, a Czech puppet manufacturer, who was an occasional golfer, came up with the idea of having the clubs upside down in the bag, thus using the physics of things for product stability. From that initial idea, the Decolt Grand, as we call our system, has been replaced by many experts and no one can be really highlighted. The journey from the idea to the finished product took 6 years and I am proud that I could have been there from the very beginning.

Golf Geum Technology Golf Trolley

What are the main benefits of your trolley for a golfer and what features differentiate it from the trolleys in a similar price category?

One of the main benefits is that, thanks to our patented system of club placement where the clubs are stored heads down, we have positioned the center of gravity of the trolley onto the front wheel and thus the trolley is incredibly stable and easy to control only via remote control. An amateur golfer suddenly experiences a feeling that is known to professional golfers who use the services of a caddie and have the opportunity to move around the course with their hands free and without the necessity to push the cart. Moreover, operating the trolley is a lot of fun. There are other benefits, e.g. you can adjust the trolley according to your actual needs – for example, if you need to use a buggy, just use the bag itself, or build a two-wheel system for training, or three-wheel manual cart for air trips abroad. The biggest difference is that your bag takes 75 % of your cart. We used only the best possible materials and components in the production of the trolley. We did not want to compromise in that regard, and I think it was a good thing to do. We believe that our product can change the golf thinking of many players around the world and help them achieve the best results. Simply put, Decolt Grand has a positive effect on the quality of your game.

Similar to us with Bryson, you started on the Czech market. And you are way ahead of us in expanding in foreign markets. What are your plans for the expansion and what is the business model you use to sell your product? I know that you are oriented on B2C and you have very sound arguments for that segment

Starting sales on the Czech market was very crucial for us. Even though we had been developing the Decolt Grand for quite some time, we didn’t want to rush things. Only thanks to Czech customers did we receive feedback very quickly, which showed us where there are still areas to perfect the product. This would have been very difficult in a larger market and we would have gambled with a good reputation in a segment where we couldn’t afford it. Today, we can proudly say – yes, we are ready for expansion. Time will show which form will be the best. There are more of those options and we hope to choose the right one. We have a clear idea of how our product should be marketed. Buying a trolley is a 25% rational decision and 75% emotional decision. We enjoy working with emotions and I hope you can see it in our product and in our customer care. We have the most sales on the recommendations of satisfied golfers. That is the best advertisement.

It is important to mention that Golf Geum Technology is part of an incredible golf story of Ondřej Lieser. Golf Geum Technology is the main partner of Ondřej, you are his manager and he was using it on his way to qualifying to the European Tour at the end of 2020. Ondřej himself speaks about the benefits that using Geum Golf trolleys have on his performance. Could you tell us more about this partnership and what are your plans for this year when Ondřej will have to use the services of a caddie on the European Tour?

Here I have to go back a few years. At GGT, we said to ourselves, we are a Czech company, we should support Czech golfers. As I mentioned, we enjoy working with emotions and I felt them from Ondřej at first sight. He was just different from the other golfers we talked to. He was different, just like our Decolt Grand is. He had the spark in his eyes that one day he would rewrite Czech golf history, and we are rightfully proud that were there and maybe we helped him a little, although he was there on the course just by himself – as he mentioned in one interview, he was there with the best trolley he had ever had. And yes, that was our Decolt Grand. Yes, it is an incredible gold story for our little country, but it’s not over yet. Ondřej is awaiting the first season at ET and most likely the Olympic Games. And we will do our best to make those dreams come true.

It is likely that this article will be read by many people in the golf industry around the globe. Some of them may perhaps be your future business partners. What message would you like to send to them?

So, first of all, I would like to thank them for reading this article to the end. Thank you for the opportunity to share our experience with your readers.And final word? „Become part of our story and it doesn’t matter if you are our satisfied customer or a business partner. Have a nice day!“

Thank you for your precious time and I wish you the best of luck!

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