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PGA Czech Republic turns digital with Bryson and Tiketo

Read the inspiring story of Jan Mergl, President of the PGA of the Czech Republic. Under his leadership, the Association has moved its operations to an online environment, including the use of electronic membership cards with dynamic content and the ability to be used as a communication channel to the membership base.


Jiří Novosad
12. 6. 2024





Dear colleagues,

We would like to share with you a brief case study of our two-year project to digitise the agenda of the PGA of Czech Republic. We cannot say that we are at the end of our project and our efforts, but we have achieved a significant shift in a positive sense. We have chosen a technical solution for digitization that does not need any customization. It has been ready to use for us or for any other association. I hope that our story can inspire you, give you courage, but above all, that it will enable you to proceed with your case as effectively as possible.

What processes we decided to digitalize

Why we decided to change processes that have been in place for years

What tools we have chosen for digitalisation

We were lucky in this respect and the digitisation itself was largely motivated by the fact that we knew that tools had been developed in the Czech Republic that address these areas within the golf industry internationally. The Bryson web application has become an important tool for a number of national golf federations and associations over the last five years, and Tiketo offers a modern tool for generating electronic cards and then using them in cooperation with Bryson for, among others, the Abu Dhabi Golf Club golf resort or PGA National Oaks Prague from the Troon network. Martin Schlixbier, CEO of Tiketo, is among others a member of the PGA Czech Republic, so you can imagine that the path to cooperation was easy.



Currently the only comprehensive platform in the golf industry where you can handle all communication, members database, scheduling, fees, as well as player statistics, practice diaries, training plans, sports testing and many other features in the area of “player development.”

Click to visit Bryson website.

tiketo digiPass                                           

The ultimate solution for issuing electronic membership cards, information cards or loyalty cards,… with its own easy to use administration. Thanks to this, you can edit the content of the card, share the latest information, inquiries or partner offers with your members, but you can also send a push message to your members’ phones via the electronic membership card.It is a completely new form of communication through an electronic card, which is no longer just for the identification of the PGA member, but becomes a means of communication and a carrier of information from the association to its members.

Download a sample membership card.
Click to visit Tiketo website.

Bryson & Tiketo

By linking the two tools, it is possible to issue the electronic membership card based on the member’s information in the Bryson app. The member can then generate an electronic membership card directly from the application or from the automatic email that is informing him of the fact that an electronic card has been generated for him to download to his mobile wallet.

Cost of the digitisation project

We pay an annual license rental for both tools and for the issued electronic membership cards, respectively. The annual cost is in thousands of Euros, with the amount certainly varying depending on the size of the membership base (300 in our case) of the association in question.

A one-off cost, in the hundreds of Euros, was the transfer of the entire membership database and other agendas to Bryson. This was done for us externally by one of our apprentice members.

What we learned in the process of implementing the changes

Are you planning something similar? We will be happy to share our experience.

Together with our partners and friends at Bryson and Tiketo, we have gained valuable experience that we are happy to share with you. As I mentioned, Tiketo CEO Martin Schlixbier is a member of PGA Czech Republic and apart from his electronic card projects he has done ticketing, accreditation, guest management for DP World Tour, Ryder Cup, Formula 1, etc… and other sporting events of global importance.

Bryson’s CEO, Jiri Novosad is the founder of the company, which apart from the Bryson platform has also developed its own golf management system, driving range management solution, e-shop platform for golf resorts, clubs and other tools exclusively for the Golf Industry.

We will be happy to fill you in on the details of our journey to digitalisation, answer your questions and introduce you to the technical capabilities of the platform we have transferred our agenda to during our joint online presentation.

I am convinced that there is no other way than complete digitalization and automation in association management. Golf often waits until the last minute to make any innovation. Some time ago we came to the conviction that it was high time to move forward and provide not only our team members, but also our members, with a service on par with current technical capabilities. I am glad that we have taken this path and that we have found support for it among our colleagues in the PGA of the Czech Republic board.


You can contact me directly, or contact my colleagues at Bryson and Tiketo to arrange an online presentation.

Yours sincerely,

Jan Mergl
President PGA of Czech Republic
+420 602 132 755


Jiří Novosad                    Martin Schlixbier
CEO Bryson CEO Tiketo
+420 777 345 913 +420 775 123 299


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