Weekly webinar for college national golf associations

Introductory webinar for National Golf Associations 1

25. 05. 2021 | 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

(Timezone - UTC)

I will do my best to provide you with 90 minutes that will encourage you to join us on the mission of digitizing the training system in your country the same way as we have been doing that in in several other countries.

What can you expect?

Learning about all the main features
Watching examples and case studies from other national governing bodies
Getting a chance to use Bryson for free for next three months
Having our full support

Book now and I look forward to meeting you at the webinar.


Jiří Novosad

Jiří Novosad

Jiri had a very successful, 15 years long career in golf management, but he´s always dreamed of his golf startup. He is now living his dream with Bryson.